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  • Humpty DumptyHumpty Dumpty

    Greve, Meg., author. aut

    When Humpty Dumpty's friends fall off of their chairs while eating in the king's kitchen, the cooks make the best of the situation by making them into different foods, until Humpty Dumpty decides that it would be safer to eat in a different kitchen.

  • I'm the BossI'm the Boss

    Williams, Sam.

    Through the use of illustrated animals, this title addresses the topic of why it's not nice to be a bully.

  • Immigrants to AmericaImmigrants to America

    Thompson, Linda.

    Immigration played a key role not only in making America's development possible but also in shaping the basic nature of the society. Tens of millions of immigrants over four centuries have made the United States what it is today.

  • It's Broken!It's Broken!

    Greve, Meg.

    In this emergent reader a child breaks an arm after jumping on the bed.

  • It's my turnIt's my turn

    Williams, Sam.

    This title teaches students the importance of taking turns when playing games or doing activities.

  • Kick, Pass, SCORE!Kick, Pass, SCORE!

    Greve, Meg.

    In this early reader animals play soccer and learn about using teamwork when you aren't the best.

  • Let's get pizzaLet's get pizza

    Greve, Meg.

    When Dan and Dad go out for pizza they learn that just because it smells so good doesn't mean you should eat too much. It's much better if you share.

  • Lizzie Little, the sky is falling!Lizzie Little, the sky is falling!

    Koontz, Robin.

    This advanced reader retells a classic story.

  • Movie munchiesMovie munchies

    Karapetkova, Holly.

    In this fluent reader, animals each have money to buy just one snack. They decide to buy a different one and share.

  • Mud pie queenMud pie queen

    Greve, Meg.

    This is a delightfully messy story of making mud pies. Introduces some measurement tools such as a ruler and yardstick.

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