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  • Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln

    Rumsch, BreAnn, 1981-

    This biography introduces readers to Abraham Lincoln including his military service, early political career, and key events from Lincoln’s administration including the American Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Gettysburg Address. Information about his childhood, family, and personal life is included.

  • Pete the CatPete the Cat

    Dean, Kim, 1969-, author.

    Pete the Cat thinks Valentine's Day isn't cool-- until he realizes how many special cats there are in his life!.

  • Bad KittyBad Kitty : vs Uncle Murray

    Bruel, Nick.

  • The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906

    Tarshis, Lauren.

    Leo, a newsboy in San Francisco, finds himself stranded in the city as it crumbles and burns after an earthquake.

  • I Survived True StoriesI Survived True Stories / Five Epic Disasters

    Tarshis, Lauren.

    Real Kids Real Disasters.

  • Hurricane Katrina, 2005Hurricane Katrina, 2005

    Tarshis, Lauren.

    Barry's family prepares to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina hits, but when his little sister gets very sick, they are forced to stay home and face the floodwater that sweeps Barry away.

  • Missing GraceMissing Grace : a Kit mystery

    Jones, Elizabeth McDavid, 1958-

    In the summer of 1935, twelve-year-old Kit Kittredge's dog Grace mysteriously vanishes and Kit tries to figure out who took her and why. Includes information about pets and dog shows during the Great Depression.

  • Cheer Tryouts: Tips for Making the CutCheer Tryouts: Tips for Making the Cut

    Jones, Jen.

    This book is a guide for children and pre-teens on preparing for cheerleading tryouts.

  • My brother's keeperMy brother's keeper

    Osborne, Mary Pope.

    In 1863, as the Civil War approaches her quiet town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, nine-year-old Virginia records in a journal the horrible things she witnesses before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Dear Mrs. LaRue : Letters from obedience school

    Teague, Mark.

    Gertrude LaRue receives funny typewritten and paw-written letters from her dog, Ike, entreating her to let him leave the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy and come back home.

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